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Foliage Dish Garden Combination, 6" Pot

Foliage Dish Garden Combination, 6" Pot

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Dish gardens are all the rage They are a way to add a unique natural accent indoors or out. These miniature gardens combine groups of plants in a decorative container to create fashionable home decor that dresses up a living space with interesting textures, unique shapes, & organic color. Assortments may vary according to the season. Assortment of plants may include : pothos, prayer plant, croton, diffenbachia, calathea, chamadorea, alocasia, dracena marginata, and philodendron.

  • A luscious assortment of household air purifying plants brought together beautifully in a 6" container.
  • All shipments will have at least four to five different selections wonderfully pieced together.
  • Bring nature indoors, brighten a room, and naturally clean indoor air!
  • Low maintenance; thriving under any condition. 
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