Our Roots

In life, we are defined by what we stand for; where we choose to plant ourselves, how we grow where we are planted, and the impact that we have on the world.

At American Plant Exchange, we have rooted ourselves in our mission to breathe a breath of fresh air — quite literally— back into a world where fabrication has overrun foliage, and nature is hard to come by. Our expertly curated collection of plants is filled with a variety of green-and-leafy air-cleaners to assist you in beautifying and purifying your home, garden, and office.

Customer Reviews

“All five plants arrived with at least two feet or longer vines. Each plant was ready to be transferred to a hanging planter with full, rich soil, not mulch. The leaves had not been treated with a conditioner or waxing products. They were naturally full, shiny, and lush.”

— Zarilla, August 2018

“Incredible purchase, my Mother called me crying—she said they were beautiful!”

— James H., February 2019