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Dracaena Mass Cane Stump, 6" Pot

Dracaena Mass Cane Stump, 6" Pot

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Dracaena fragrans massangeana, or dracaena fragrans, is also known as the "corn plant". They are very popular because of their long graceful green leaves. They have a yellow and light green stripe running down the center of the leaves, which grow out of a central woody stalk, much like a real corn stalk.

  • Low Maintenance 
  • Can reach up to 4-6' tall in indoor containers
  • Thrives in gentle filtered sunlight or partial shade 
  • Ideal temperature is 60-75°F
  • Air purifier
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic to humans, but toxic to pets if ingested
  • USDA hardiness zones for outdoor planting: 10-12

At-Home Care

Caring for your new plant is easy with Greg's help. You'll receive a companion app that provides ongoing Dracaena Mass Cane Stump, 6" Pot plant care, plant health tips, and help from a community of other American Plant Exchange customers that will ensure your new plant thrives in its new home.

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