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Calathea Medallion Peacock, 6" Pot

Calathea Medallion Peacock, 6" Pot

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The Medallion Calathea has gorgeous dark green leaves with a feather-like shaped white pattern outlining the light green centers. These oval-shaped leaves have deep, burgundy/purple colored undersides.  Part of the calathea family, they are often called "prayer plants" because their circadian rhythm prompts them to raise & lower their leaves from day to night (called nyctinasty). 

  • Medium maintenance
  • Can reach up to 2' in height
  • Likes bright, indirect light and moist soil
  • Ideal temperature is between 65 - 85°F
  • Non-toxic for pets and small children
  • Air purifier
  • USDA hardiness zones for outdoor planting: 10-12
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