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Arbequina Olive Tree, 10" Pot

Arbequina Olive Tree, 10" Pot

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Evergreen, long-lived, beautiful fruit bearing ornamental with soft gray-green foliage. Potted in growing containers and are self-fruitful (produce both male and female flowers on the same tree). This variety is revered as both a table olive – for its mild, buttery & lightly fruity flavor – as well as an oil olive for its high oil concentration. Olives hang well on the tree & ripen at different intervals.

  • Low maintenance
  • Self-pollinating
  • Can grow 15-20' high
  • Prefers full sun (at least six hours a day) 
  • Can withstand temperatures as low as 20°F, but need at least 300 hours of 45°F or higher to produce olives
  • USDA hardiness zone for outdoor planting: 8-10
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