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Arabica Coffee, 3 Pack 4" Pots

Arabica Coffee, 3 Pack 4" Pots

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The Arabica Coffee plant features glamorous, glossy, elliptical, dark green leaves with prominent veins and wavy margins, with fragrant (resembles the aroma of Jasmine), star-shaped, white flowers that bloom in axillary clusters. After this plant flowers, it produces deep red, shiny and plum like cherries, each containing two arabica seeds, or beans.

  • Low maintenance
  • Indoor container plants typically grow to about 4'-6’ tall
  • Prefer bright, but indirect, light 
  • Ideal temperature is 64°–70°F
  • Toxicity: All parts except the fruit and its seed that are processed into coffee beans are toxic to humans and pets
  • USDA hardiness zones for outdoor planting: 10-11
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