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Crown of Thorns Sonoma, Red Flowers Year Round, 6-Inch Pot

Crown of Thorns Sonoma, Red Flowers Year Round, 6-Inch Pot

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In a world dominated by concrete and steel, we bring life to every corner of existence. We believe in the transformative power of nature to create sanctuaries of beauty, tranquility, and vitality. Our mission is to keep the world lush and vibrant, one plant at a time. We don’t just grow plants; we embody them. By choosing us, you’re not just purchasing plants – you’re committing to a greener, more harmonious future. Join us on our epic journey to infuse the world, inside and out, with nature's splendor.
Introducing the vibrant Red Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii), also known as Christ Plant or Christ Thorn. This captivating shrub is celebrated for its stunning clusters of red flowers that bloom year-round, bringing a dramatic splash of color to any landscape or indoor setting. The Crown of Thorns features glossy, dark green leaves and thorny stems, creating a unique and striking appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of garden beds, borders, and containers. With a maximum height of 3 feet and a spread of 2-3 feet, this compact plant is perfect for both small and large spaces.
Ideal for warm climates, the Crown of Thorns thrives in full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil, making it a low-maintenance yet visually appealing addition to your garden or home. Suitable for USDA hardiness zones 9-11, this hardy plant is drought-tolerant and can withstand a variety of environmental conditions, including coastal areas with high salt levels. Its robust nature and minimal care requirements make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners seeking a reliable and attractive shrub.
Beyond its stunning appearance, the Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii) offers practical benefits for your garden or indoor space. Its dense growth habit makes it an effective natural privacy screen or decorative accent, providing both aesthetic value and functional benefits. Additionally, the plant supports a healthy garden ecosystem by attracting pollinators such as butterflies. Whether you're looking to enhance your garden's visual appeal, create a vibrant indoor display, or add a hardy and beautiful shrub to your landscape, the Crown of Thorns is the perfect choice. Enjoy the combination of year-round blooms, unique foliage, and resilient growth with this remarkable plant.

At-Home Care

Caring for your new plant is easy with Greg's help. You'll receive a companion app that provides ongoing Crown of Thorns Sonoma, Red Flowers Year Round, 6-Inch Pot plant care, plant health tips, and help from a community of other American Plant Exchange customers that will ensure your new plant thrives in its new home.

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