Plants For Every Aesthetic

Plants For Every Aesthetic

Everyone has their own design preferences. When a style pleases your senses it becomes your aesthetic. Styles can range from simple and light to eclectic and colorful. One thing is for sure, there is a perfect plant for every aesthetic!


The Bohemian style breaks a lot of the traditional rules of design. Inspired by those who live an unconventional life, such as travelers, writers and artists. You will notice a lot of layering of various styles, textures, and colors. It is common to see hanging chairs and macrame decor. In fact, macrame hanging planters are the perfect way to display our plants in your Bohemian abode.

Our picks: Monstera Hanging Basket & Aglaonema Stripe

The Monstera hanging basket works well because of its unique shape and texture. The Aglaonema Stripe is a great choice since it has gorgeous, tall, upright leaves that are striped with tones of silvery-light green and dark green.


The Gothic style is usually very dramatic and moody. Inspired by Victorian and Medieval architecture, there is no shortage of dark and ornate design elements. When it comes to adding plants to your gothic style room, the darker the better!

Our picks: Black ZZ Plant & Persian Shield

The Black ZZ Plant is the epitome of a gothic plant! With its super dark green (basically black) leaves, you will be in awe of its striking and bold appearance. The Persian Shield is a great way to add a pop of color while still keeping up with the dark and moody aesthetic.


Rustic is a pretty broad term when it comes to interior design. We tend to associate rustic with farmhouse, cottage, and lodge styles.  You will see a lot of organic elements like wood, stone, burlap, and canvas. Colors will always be neutral and from natural elements. Adding plants to your rustic style home is always a great way to enhance your space.

Our Picks: English Ivy & Assorted Fern Pack

English Ivy is great for adding a pop of green to an area.  The vines can grow to great lengths and can be displayed by spirling them around your decor. The assorted fern pack is the perfect way to add a variety of textures to your rustic planters. 


Coastal design embodies the atmosphere of a beautiful seaside retreat.

We think beachy, tropical, and sometimes even nautical. You will find tons of light and hues of blues and white. The very natural style goes great with tropical plants!

Our picks: Birds of Paradise & Majesty Palm

Nothing says tropical like a bird of paradise plant, with its enormous leaves, upright stems and exotic flowers. You can find this gorgeous plant in both white and orange. A palm is another perfect plant to add to your coastal home. We love the majesty palm in particular for its long, full, dark green fronds.


Modern design is a simplistic uncluttered style.  You will find elements of sleek and clean lines with neutral colors. The main point of the modern design style is to be minimalistic yet functional.

Our picks: Cast Iron & Spider Plant

We love the Cast Iron plant for modern interiors because of its smooth and sleek  leaves. The Spider Plant is a popular sleek looking plant known for its abundant foliage.

Shabby Chic-

Not to be confused with rustic design, shabby chic is a more elegant and dainty style. Distressed, ornate, antique furniture in lighter tones are common. There is no shortage of shades of white and pink. This style is overwhelmingly girly and soft.

Our picks: Calathea White Star & Jasmine Snow-N-Summer

The Calathea White Star has gorgeous and unique striped leafs that can be shades of pink or white. The Jasmine Snow-N-Summer has a beautiful variety of pink shades and textures. As an added bonus, the flowers give off a lovely scent.

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