We Package our Plants with Care

We Package our Plants with Care

When ordering plants online, the biggest concern our customers have is usually “How in the world can you safely ship a live plant?” Here at American Plant Exchange, we’ve pretty much perfected the process of doing just that. To ease your mind when shopping our selection of plants, we’re going to walk you step by step through our selecting, quality control, and packing processes. 

Picking the Plants

Picking Plants

Our main priority is to see to it that all of our customers receive the healthiest and most beautiful plants we have to offer! To ensure this, our plant-picking pros hand select each and every order and inspect it for quality assurance. Each plant selected is bagged in a plastic sleeve that keeps the leaves upright, and damage free. 

Securing the Pot

Once the plants have been chosen and sleeved, they are carefully brought over to the packing area. The sleeves are wrapped in tape at the top of the pot, and then tied at the base of the plant. This ensures that the soil does not shift during shipping. Then, a bamboo stake is placed into the soil. 

Boxing it up!

Once all safety measures have been placed on the plant, it’s time to box it! Our plants are snuggly packed into boxes so that they do not bounce around in the mail. The bamboo stake is then trimmed to the exact height of the box, so that when it’s closed, the plant is pushed against the bottom of the box and can not move around. 

Finally, the box is taped shut and ready to make its way to you!

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