How To Grow And Care For A Windmill Palm Tree

How To Grow And Care For A Windmill Palm Tree

Windmill Palms are an extremely hardy variety of palm trees, loved for their tropical green fronds and ease of care. Windmills are a great option for people who live in more northern states who would still like to grow palm trees in their yards. Many people have questions about growing these gorgeous trees, and we’re here to help!

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Buy Your Windmill Palm Tree Now

How much light does a windmill palm need?

Windmill Palms prefer shady or semi-shady areas, but they can tolerate full sun in the more northern states.

How much do you water a windmill palm?

Windmill Palms need to be watered about once per week in the warmer months and slightly less in the colder months.

What kind of soil is best for windmill palms?

Windmill palms are not picky about their soil, as long as it’s fertile and well-draining.

How do you fertilize a windmill palm?

Windmill Palms should be fertilized once per month with a slow-release 10-10-10 fertilizer during the growing season to produce the best results.

Where can you grow windmill palms?

You can grow windmill palms almost anywhere, but they thrive their best in zones 7-11.

How tall do windmill palms grow?

A fully mature windmill palm will reach around 40 feet tall. They are slow growers and grow at a rate of around 8” per year.

Special Features:

  • Cold Hardy
  • Compact Growth
  • Container Friendly
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Green Year-Round
  • Produces Yellow Flowers in the Spring
  • Salt Tolerant, Great for Coastal Environments