How to Care for Your ZZ Plant

How to Care for Your ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are some of the most popular houseplants on the market. Their beautiful, waxy green appearance earned it the nickname “gem plant”, combined with how adaptable and easy it to care for it makes this plant nearly irresistible. ZZ plants can grow quite large in a short amount of time, often outgrowing their pots. Some signs that you should repot to your ZZ Plant are stunted growth, warped pots, protruding roots from the pot’s drainage holes, browning leaves, and wilting.

ZZ Plant

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When should I Repot my ZZ Plant?

When your ZZ Plant is ready to be repotted, it may wilt or have browning leaves, roots growing out of the pot, or simply not appear to have any more room to grow outward. This means you should choose a larger pot, or separate out your ZZ plant and propagate to make more small plants in separate pots.

How do I Repot my ZZ Plant?

Repotting this plant is fairly easy. First, you’ll need to remove your ZZ from its old pot; do this by digging around the outer edge of the pot, placing your hand firmly on the soil around the plant, and gently flip it upside down, tapping the pot until the ZZ is loose. Do not pull on the stems to remove the plant, as this can cause unnecessary damage.

ZZ Plant

If your ZZ is pot bound, cut any roots that are encircling the others at the point of content and gently break up and remove the extra soil away from the root ball.

Fill your new, larger pot with fresh soil and place your ZZ Plant inside, packing soil around the base of the plant, and water thoroughly.

What type of soil should I Repot my ZZ Plant In?

Luckily, ZZ Plants aren’t too picky about their soil. Any multi-purpose, well-draining potting soil will work perfectly for this houseplant.

Following these simple guidelines will help ensure your ZZ Plant will live a long and happy life! Happy Re-potting!