DIY Hoop Planter - The Perfect Planter Project for Vining Plants

DIY Hoop Planter - The Perfect Planter Project for Vining Plants

We’re going to show you step by step how to create a hoop planter and how to train your vines to grow up and around, instead of hanging down!


  • Pot
  • Vining Plant
  • Metal Craft Hoop
  • Wooden dowels
  • Scissors
  • Wire

Step 1: Attaching The Dowels

Hoop Planter DIY

Hoop Planter for Vining Plants DIY
The very first step is to attach the dowels to the hoop; these will act as stakes to secure the hoop into the soil. Line up the dowel to the bottom of the hoop with about 3-4" sticking up into the middle of the hoop. Using your wire, go behind the hoop and wrap around the dowel and hoop in a criss-cross pattern until your dowel is secure. Repeat this process again for the second dowel.

Step 2: Secure Hoop Inside the Pot

DIY Vining Plant Hanger
Once your vining plant is in your pot, and you’ve created your hoop, simply stick the stakes down into the soil all the way to the bottom. Make sure your hoop is as close to the soil as possible, this will help stabilize it. (Don’t worry if the stakes are too long in the middle, we’ll trim those later).

Step 3: Wrap the vines

Vining Plant DIY Hanger
The final step is to wrap the vines around the hoop. At first, you’ll need to train the vines, because they’re used to hanging down. To do this, wrap the vines around the hoop and use the wire to secure them in place. Repeat this with all of the vines that are long enough to reach.

Step 4: Trim the Stakes

DIY Plant Hanger for Vining Plants
If your stakes ended up being too long, you can use the scissors or a pair of garden clippers to trim them so that they do not show.

This gorgeous vining topiary can be a unique accent to indoor or outdoor decor, and it’s fairly simple to execute!