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DIY Santa Planter

DIY Santa Planter

American Plant Exchange has partnered with Repotted Collective to bring you 2 easy Holiday DIY planter projects. Our new plant loving friend Kerry has put together 2 adorable ways to display your favorite holiday season plants, the Norfolk Pine and the Colorado Spruce. See the DIY Santa Planter below.

Supplies Needed:

  • Colorado Spruce Tree (or holiday plant of your choice)
  • 2 Red Felt Sheets
  • Sparkly Foam Sheet
  • Furry White Trim - length depends on pot size. 1.25 yards should be enough.
  • Black Velvet Ribbon
  • Hook & Loop Tape (Velcro)
  • Glue (either hot glue gun or any super glue)
  • Red Thread and Needle

To start, measure the height of the pot you will be wrapping and add an extra quarter inch. Cut the sheets of the felt to that measurement. For wider pots, you may have to glue 2 pieces together so the wrap goes all the way around.

Next, fit the felt around the pot and leave an extra inch of overlap, cut the rest off.

Then, attach the Velcro to both shorter sides of the wrap. Glue and stitch it into place for extra strength.

Next, glue the white furry trim down the center. If you had to glue two pieces of felt together, glue the trim on the seam to hide it. The bottom white trim can then be glued along the bottom seam. Tip: pull back the fur to expose the band and get a clean, mess-free cut.

Secure the black trim next right across the middle. Cut it at a length so it does not go over the velcro.

The last piece needed to complete this Santa suit is the shiny buckle. Measure the height of your black belt ribbon and use that as your starting point. Make a square on the backside of the foam using that measurement. Add ¼” around the entire piece and cut out the center square, leaving just the outside buckle. Glue the buckle in place over the black belt.

Add your plant to this Santa Suit and enjoy a Holly Jolly Christmas!