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DIY Reindeer Planter

DIY Reindeer Planter

American Plant Exchange has partnered with Repotted Collective to bring you 2 easy Holiday DIY planter projects. Our new plant loving friend Kerry has put together 2 adorable ways to display your favorite holiday season plants, the Norfolk Pine and the Colorado Spruce. See the DIY Reindeer Planter below.

Supplies needed:

  • Terra cotta or brown pot large enough to fit plant
  • Norfolk Pine (or holiday plant of your choice)
  • Large red pom pom
  • Sheet of thick foam in beige (for antlers)
  • Sheet of brown foam in similar color to pot (for ears)
  • Black paint
  • White Paint
  • Red ribbon or felt (for collar)
  • Small bells in color of choice

First, you’ll need to cut out a set of antlers. If you can find thick foam, that would be best, but you could also glue several pieces of thinner foam together to make it stay rigid. Here is a template you could print out and use. These antlers were cut out with a craft knife, so they are rough around the edges. A hot knife may allow for smoother cuts.

Since they are thicker, you can use glue to attach these right to the sides of the pot and they will keep their shape. Make sure you attach them evenly on both sides so they don’t look lopsided.

Next, you’ll paint on the eyes. For symmetrical eyes, create a template on paper first so you can trace it. Give the eyes whatever expression you are feeling! Search online for ‘cartoon eyes’ to get some fun ideas if you need inspiration. Paint 2 coats of the white background of the eyes first.

Then, add 2 coats of the black area. Finally, use a cotton swab to create the small white dot for the extra detail.

Once the eyes are dry, glue on the big red pom pom for the nose.

Now the reindeer is starting to come together, but it’s still missing the festiveness. A bell collar is just what it needs! Cut a strip of felt or ribbon to fit around the base. Then, stitch small bells around with even spacing.

Finally, you’ll glue the collar around the bottom of the pot.

Now it’s time to add your plant to it’s new holiday home!