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DIY Easy Fall Planter Basket

DIY Easy Fall Planter Basket

DIY Easy Fall Planter Basket

What you will need:

  • Wooden basket
  • Plant of your choice (we chose an assorted foliage pot)
  • Plastic planter saucer
  • Wired craft ribbon of your choice
  • Small foam pumpkins
  • Wooden skewers
  • Small pack of hay
  • Glue Gun


    1. Measure your ribbon to fit around your basket.
    1. Hot glue your ribbon in place.
    1. Make ribbon bow (see steps to make and easy bow below.)
    1. Hot glue the bow to front of basket.
    1. Stick skewers into bottom of foam craft pumpkins.
    1. Use a dab of hot glue to secure the skewers to the pumpkin.
  1. Place a layer of hay on the bottom of the basket and place the plastic saucer on top (this helps prevent saucer from sliding).
  2. Place the plant on top of the saucer.
  3. If the growers pot isn't wide enough to fill up the basket you can stuff hay around it to prevent it from moving around.
  4. Stick your pumpkins in the planter or surrounding hay to get the look you like.
  5. Display your new Fall Planter Basket!

DIY Easy Bow

    1. Decide how wide you would like your bow.
    1. Fold the ribbon so you have double the chosen length then cut.
    1. Repeat step 2 with a slightly smaller piece of ribbon.
    1. Hot glue the edges together to make a loop. Do this with both pieces, so you have a big loop and a smaller loop.
    1. Cut a 3-4in piece of ribbon, then fold it in thirds, securing it with hot glue.
    1. Take your 2 loops and place them on top of each other then pinch them in the middle.
    1. Take your small piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the middle of the pinched piece.
    1. Wrap the small piece all the way around, hot glue in place, then cut the excess off.
    1. Next you want to decide how long you want the tail of your bow.
    1. Fold the ribbon so you have 2 equal length pieces.
    1. Lining the pieces of ribbon up evenly, cut a triangle shape out of the unfolded edge.
  1. Hot glue the tail to your top piece and you now have an easy bow!